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msilver: is that really the pathfinder universe? Who do they think they are? Robert E Howard?

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burrowowl: Yes, this is overlaid on a map of Golarion, the setting in Pathfinder. My current character is from the country labeled "Drugs & Slaves" here.

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msilver: he better be a pimp.

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msilver: Also it looks shockingly like earth, is why I busted the REH reference...

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burrowowl: The REH method of assigning geography to ethnic stereotypes is a time-honored D&D tradition. Forgotten Realms does it too. Vikings go in the north, black people come from the mysterious dark continent to the south, yellow people with funny swords come from the far east, past where the horse hordes are.

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CerverusDante: This is wrong. Taldor (the inbred nobles zone) is not based on Spain. Taldor is based on Bizanthine Empire